From a Single Slate Repair to a Brand New Roof


August 17 2016

Insulating a Difficult Roof

Squeezing a better thermal performance out of your roof refurbishment doesn’t mean a raised roof line. Thanks to a new generation of insulating breather membranes, rafter level insulation upgrades are an efficient way of upgrading, managing condensation and retaining the roofline of the building.
LABC-Registered PhotonAir brings transparency to the job. Fully breathable, easy to install, air-open and doesn’t need counter battening, it is draped over rafters like a conventional breather membrane, side-stepping the need to raise the roof.
  • Moisture permeable lath and plaster ceilings – PhotonAir better manages condensation
  • Exposed purlins and rafters, (vapour barrier isn’t practical) – PhotonAir presents no condensation risk
  • Social housing – PhotonAir improves the thermal performance of a group of adjoining properties without raising roof height or disturbing occupants and interior finish of the property
  • Where 50% of the roof is being refurbished requiring an insulation upgrade – PhotonAir leaves a roof watertight in a day
  • Where the standard is not technically, functionally or economically feasible, any thermal element should be upgraded to the best standards achievable – delivering a simple payback of no greater than 15 years. Generally this lesser standard shouldn’t be worse than 0.7w/m2.k – PhotonAir achieves a U-value of 0.60 in 75mm rafter at 400mm spacing
  • Air-open PhotonAir is the most breathable insulating breather membrane. NHBC accepts the use of membranes certified as air and vapour-open without a supporting ridge or high level ventilation.
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